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Merchant Benefits

Protect your customers by offering the safest and most reliable payment solution

Benefits of becoming a AtaraPay Partner

Secure Payments

Add secure payments to your marketplace or platform - AtaraPay adds secure payments to your platform or marketplace by holding the buyers funds in our secure trust account whilst the parties complete the terms of their transaction

Sale Completion

Increase sale completion - Stop deal pullouts at the source. Because the buying party must fund the transaction before the terms of the transaction are fulfilled, you and your customers can be sure that the buyer will not pull out at the last minute leaving your sellers high and dry

Payment Frequency

Seller can set payment frequency by choosing to recieve payment 24 Hours later, Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly.

Fee Payment

Seller can choose to pass on card fee payment to the Buyer. Option is set to seller by default.

Delivery Terms

Seller can set delivery terms stating that the Buyer is charged a certain % (up to 10%) of the product amount, if he or she cancels the order within a specified time (up to 24 Hours) after placing the order


Seller is able to dispute if Buyer rejects service. Payout is made only after the dispute is resolved.

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