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Why Escrow ?

‘Escrow’ refers to money held by a trusted third-party on behalf of the buyer and seller. The payment is released to the seller only after the buyer is satisfied all the terms of the agreement have been met and this is what AtaraPay offers.

How does Escrow


Agree on a Price


Secure your online escrow deposit


Delivery of Product or Service


Pay after inspecting your purchase


Enjoy a safe and worry free service

Stay Informed Always

Both seller or buyer are kept in the know of every stage of the transaction, whether the order was rejected or accepted or cancelled by the buyer.

Trust and Accountability

When the buyer pays into the escrow account, the funds are held securely in escrow until the end of the transaction. As the buyer, you do not experience any loss or risk to your money.

Seller Protection

When a purchase is made online, an unserious buyer may decide to cancel the order much later after the order may have been packaged by the seller and ready for dispatch. With AtaraPay, sellers can now enforce a cancellation fee to weed out unserious buyers.

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Online Payment

Cash on delivery (COD) and cheques are both payment options that slow down the delivery process. They are both prone to delays and paper documentations which easily expose the transaction to fraud

Online payment on the other hand is made securely at the comfort of your home or office or while on holiday anywhere anytime without bothering about delays.

Other payment options

AtaraPay supports online bank transfer, debit/ credit card and cash payment methods which can be used to pay into escrow for small transactions like buying a toy for your child or big-ticket transactions like purchasing a parcel of land for your dream home or an oil & gas deal.

Either way, AtaraPay protects you from financial loss and fraud while online or offline.

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Who is Escrow

For Sellers that want to reduce fulfilment risks

For Sellers that prefer cash in advance for their service.

For first time business transactions

For serious buyers with high liquidity.

For high value transactions

For funds protection without underwriting

For parties unfamiliar in a transaction.

For short term transactions.

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Advantages of Using AtaraPay

All funds paid into escrow are insured by our insurance partner. So buyer and seller are equally protected

Pay online using card or wire transfer or pay offline usinhg cash

Seller is settled online and in realtime

Enjoy best-in-class customer service

Supported eCommerce Types

OEM packed goods from e-commerce websites.

Online Contract Service such as freelance work providers.

Motor Vehicles and Airline tickets (direct/ non-agency sales)

Property rental payments, Land and house purchase.

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