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Online Delivery for Sellers

What is online delivery?

Traditionally, when orders are purchased from the seller’s online store, the courier company is contacted via email or telephone call with the shipment details to initiate a pickup and delivery. Online delivery on the other hand automates this process. When an order is purchased online, the courier company is automatically provided the shipment details online and in real time. The seller, from their dashboard on the MarketPlace can deliver packages from the touch of a button to initiate the pickup and delivery.

This is possible because has connected online with one of the app delivery companies (Sendbox) in the country, which allows each seller on our marketplace to have the option to deliver using this stress-free method. The seller still has the option to deliver themselves without Sendbox.

How does online delivery work?

  1. The seller is set up to deliver items online via their merchant dashboard on the MarketPlace. Our on-boarding agents will get this done on the seller's behalf following their consent

  2. At checkout, the buyer selects Sendbox as the shipping method and makes payment online into escrow for the order which comprises of both the product and shipment costs

  3. Once payment is successfully made, the seller is notified via email and required to login to their merchant dashboard to initiate shipment by simply clicking the “Ship” button

  4. If the Sendbox account is funded, the seller will be required to select if they want the items picked up by Sendbox from their origin address (which was setup in step 1 above) or dropped off by the seller to the nearest Sendbox hub

  5. If the account is not funded, then the seller will be informed to top up their account by making an online bank transfer to their virtual Sendbox bank account held at Providus Bank. Upon successful transfer, the Sendbox wallet is credited within minutes

  6. Once shipment is successfully created, the delivery process begins and both buyer and seller can track the delivery of the items from their dashboards

  7. Upon delivery, the buyer is automatically notified via email and SMS to inspect the goods by accepting or rejecting it to complete the transaction

Benefits of the Online Delivery Solution by

  1. The seller is in full control of delivery with support from Sendbox
  2. There is no need to leave the shop, office or make frantic calls. The service is delivered seamlessly from a touch of a button in the merchant dashboard
  3. The solution is connected to the escrow service so buyer is automatically informed to accept or reject, once delivery is successfully made eliminating the need for the seller to login to their account to complete delivery
  4. The solution allows both parties to track delivery, which gives the buyer and seller full visibility of the order in the field
  5. Delivery is possible locally across states in Nigeria and internationally. This positions the seller for huge export revenues via especially since it also supports USD and GBP transactions
  6. Sendbox does all the heavy lifting of logistics involved while the MarketPlace provides the seller the platform that makes it entirely worry-free for the seller

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